30 before Im 30

Who am I kidding? It’s now 40 before I’m 40 
(I just don’t want the URL to change for my linked posts)

1) Finish Uni and graduate (May/November 2011)
2) Pass my driving test (July 2013)
3) Buy a car new car (September 2015)
4) Come off my medicine and have fewer PCOS flare-ups (2012/2015)
5) Buy a house/flat/apartment (November 2017)
6) Have children (16/09/17 - Alfie)
7) Re-connect with an old friend and meet up (regularly) (2016 - Gemma and Rob)
8) Ascend the Eiffel Tower (November 2013)
9) Visit Venice and go on a gondola (June 2015)
10) Collect all the Disney Classics (54/54) (March 2016)
11) Read a book every month for a year (2015)
12) Get lasered finish laser treatment
13) Get married (30.10.21) (engaged: 19/06/19)
14) See the Northern Lights
15) Go to Disneyland Paris
16) Take my mummy on holiday
17) Visit every European capital city
18) Cruise the Mediterranean
19) Spend a long weekend relaxing in another part of the country
20) Visit French Polynesia
21) Go on a spontaneous trip
22) Cook a full Christmas dinner
23) Learn Spanish
24) Learn how to mix cocktails (19/02/21)
25) Make a present for someone
26) Swim with dolphins
27) Visit every restaurant in my bookmarks (9/21)
28) Run a 5k (or equivalent) for charity
29) Feed the giraffes at the zoo (25/06/21)
30) See Barnet play at Wembley
31) Have afternoon tea at the Ritz
32) Stay at Giraffe Manor
33) Take Alfie to a pantomime or theatre show
34) Try a taster menu at Paris House, Woburn (25.11.22 - review)
35) Go on a Caribbean cruise
36) Learn to ski (because Ash wants me to!)
37) Do something out of my comfort zone (indoor shooting - 03.11.21)
38) Make jam/chutney and gift it to someone
39) Visit five new Michelin-starred restaurants
40) Own a Mulberry Bayswater (ideally in black)

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