30 before Im 30

1) finish Uni and graduate (May/November 2011)
2) pass my driving test (July 2013)
3) buy a car new car (September 2015)
4) come off my medicine and have fewer PCOS flare-ups (2012/2015)
5) buy a house/flat/apartment (November 2017)
6) get married (engaged: 19/06/19)
7) have children (16/09/17 - Alfie)
8) re-connect with an old friend and meet up (regularly) (2016 - Gemma and Rob)

9) ascend the Eiffel Tower (November 2013)
10) visit Venice and go on a gondola (June 2015)
11) see the Northern Lights
12) go to Disneyland Paris
13) take my mummy on holiday
14) visit every European capital city
15) cruise the Mediterranean
16) spend a long weekend relaxing in another part of the country
17) visit French Polynesia
18) go on a spontaneous trip

19) cook a full Christmas dinner
20) learn Spanish
21) learn how to mix cocktails
22) make a present for someone

23) swim with dolphins
24) collect all the Disney Classics (54/54) (March 2016)
25) visit every restaurant in my bookmarks (9/22)
26) run a 5k (or equivalent) for charity
27) feed the giraffes at the zoo
28) read a book every month for a year (2015)
29) see Barnet play at Wembley
30) get lasered finish laser treatment

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